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Become a Quirky Birder!

Ever wanted to run your own drama classes? We are launching our own franchise opportunities!

PLUS the first 5 franchisees have 50% off the Buy in Cost - BARGAIN!


In 2016 Anna Friend took everything that she knew about creating drama and teaching young actors and put it into a brand new venture. In her first two years Quirky Bird Juniors gained a strong reputation for fun, creativity and most of all joy in her weekly sessions. She then added a Young Company which competed in national festivals, winning awards and then tours which are now a staple for schools and colleges across the UK. Turnover went from 8K in that initial year to over 50K in 2019 and Quirky Bird just continues to evolve.

At Quirky Bird our philosophy is to instil confidence and creativity in every child that we encounter, whether it’s in our weekly sessions, in performance training or out and about in schools, we think the most important thing is how the children experience our work, not the outcome.


Our weekly sessions are at the very heart of this, each week, bringing together a glorious group of children to experiment, find joy, support one another and learn about being awesome through performing – whatever that might look like!


Over the year, children will experience creating work from poetry, going on epic imaginary adventures, singing at the top of their voices, using drama language, creating characters, building performances together and at the heart of it, feeling joy and wellness through creative expression.


We don’t care whether these kids are going to be actors. We care that they are going to be happy and make a positive and awesome contribution to the world.


But obviously, we think drama is the way to do that 😉



Want to run your own Quirky Bird Theatre sessions?


Now you can with our super simple and friendly franchise system. Once you’ve signed up you will receive a starter pack which will enable you to promote your centre and start delivering sessions ASAP!  At Quirky Bird we are really keen to support new and innovative drama specialists to run their own business and have a solid financial foundation to base their career in the arts around. Being part of the Quirky Bird Family allows you to have creative freedom and determine the pathway of your centre, within the Quirky Bird ethos, and make it as big, or as small as you would like! With the backing and support of this established drama provider you can be confident that once you start, you’ll have everything you need to make it a successful venture.

Buy In Cost: £500 (for the 1st 5)  £1000 thereafter                         


What does this get me?

  • 1000 Single Sided Full Colour A5 flyers designed and printed

  • 25 Single Sided Full Colour A4 Posters

  • Choose from a Roller Banner or PVC Banner

  • Inclusion on the Quirky Bird Theatre Website, including updates and centre specific images and links.

  • Marketing via all our Social Media Channels: Twitter, Facebook and Instagram

  • Termly one-to-one support sessions via Zoom with Artistic Director Anna Friend

  • Mentoring from Anna Friend for set up, identify and build your client base.

  • Resources to support your planning and delivery.

  • One visit per year minimum from Artistic Director Anna Friend to support and develop your centre.

  • Invitation to annual Quirky Fest! An opportunity to collaborate, share and learn from all our brilliant session leaders.


Monthly Cost                                  


Why Am I Paying this?

Year 1 – 30% of all revenue          This payment covers the initial year where substantial                                                                 support is required to establish and grow your centre.

                                                         Also to cover administration and accounting costs.

Year 2 – 20% of all revenue         This payment covers the continued support which is

                                                         likely to be less as you establish your own working                                                                         practice. Covers administration and accounting costs.

Year 3+ - 15% of all revenue         This payment covers basic administration and accounting                                                           support, with minimal support required for the term-to-                                                             term running of your centre and will remain the same for                                                           the term of your franchise.

How to Apply

If you'd like to get going and become a Quirky Birder then please submit a video application, alongside your CV to Anna Friend at quirkybirdtheatre@gmail.com giving us the following;

  • an idea of why you'd like to join our family!

  • a run down of your plans for your centre

  • an example of a short exercise you would run with a group of 7-11 year olds


















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