Quirky Bird Books is the new publishing wing of our ever growing creative hub, starting in February with the first in our Big Little Hearts Series, created alongside illustrator Jake Biggin.


This is a project close to my heart as each book has been written in

response to a major event in my life and the lives of my children.

Written for parents and children to share and to help them start a

conversation or develop an understanding of some difficult times.


Our first book will is out now on Amazon!!

Kindle and Paperback Editions available.   


                                                                                    When Can I Go Back to School has been written to                                                                                              help children articulate how our current situation is                                                                                          affecting them and find a voice for all those concerns                                                                                        that have are racing around their heads.








The Second book 'Who Will Love Me When You

Are Gone' was inspired by my friend Ellen

Woollaston Cooper, who died from Breast Cancer

in 2018 and before she went, gave me and so many

others a new perspective on living life to it's

fullest. I cannot wait to see this book become a

real, tangible book that can help families start

what must be the hardest conversation.

The Big Little Hearts Series is now published by Scholastic UK. Full information can be found at www.scholastic.co.uk. For reviews or contact information for Anna Friend go to www.annafriend.com