Once upon a time in what feels like another country, three children play hide and seek. Fifteen year old Elliott wears a crown, thirteen year old Maggie wraps herself in silk and little Finn draws on the walls. Together they watch a mobile phone intensely, willing it to come to life. Whose call are they waiting for and why are they home alone? The piece tells the story of Elliot, Maggie and Finn who have been abandoned by their mother and the choices they make to survive. It is incredibly well written, very funny at times, very dark at others. As hilarious as it is heart breaking, this is a tale of family ties as an uncertain future circles...



Elliot           Josh Rogers

Maggie      Rosie Walker

Finn           Yazmin Priestner-Burton

Cassie        Kayleigh Gazzard

Katie          Bridget Walker

Roland      Alex Pitcher


Directed by Anna Friend

Production Manager  Charlie Usher

Technical Manager   David Jell


This production opened at The Alma Tavern Theatre in March 2016 before going on to win SEVEN awards at the All England Theatre Festival including Best Director, Best Youth Actor and Best Play. The company are now in rehearsal with Stenham's searing debut piece "That Face" which opens in February 2017 before touring.


            Tusk Tusk at The Alma by Stagetalk Magazine











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