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Young Company
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Our Young Company works with Actors from age 11 upwards and our mission is to inspire talented young performers to pursue a continued involvement in the arts whether as a performer, technician or creative, as an amateur or a professional.


Our performances range from local venues to professional venues in Bristol and Swindon. We have already earned a solid reputation amongst audiences for innovation and creativity and this approach is evident not only in performances but in our exploratory work with the company. We follow professional practive with each production with auditions held followed by a structured rehearsal period. Opportunities  are available for technicians to take part and receive training and members of the company take part in shaping and creating all performance work.


Performances fees are £10 each week per project includes rehearsals with some additional intensive day rehearsals followed by and 2 performances. There are discretionary bursaries available so please enquire for more details.


Anyone wanting to audition just get in touch at or use the contact form provided.








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