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DNA Tour Testimonials


Quirky Bird Theatre’s hugely popular production of Dennis Kelly’s DNA returns to school post pandemic. Now in its fourth year, this touring has been visiting schools and colleges across the UK since 2018.


Anna Friend’s production has been described as


“stunning…superb directorial interpretation”


“I’ve seen DNA three times including at the National Theatre and this is best production I’ve seen”


“Quirky Bird Theatre is full of creativity and innovation”


A fast paced and brutal piece written in 2008, now studied at GCSE, this play hurtles through the dynamics of a crumbling friendship group, following a night of vodka...


It’s about being part of something..

It’s about how far you’re willing to go…

It’s about murder…


It leaves it’s audience breathless and asks the question….


What would you do?


Contains strong language, mild violence and aggression throughout.

You can book as a single school or we continue to offer the host school system which is a brilliant way of bringing schools together to enjoy a really lively and vibrant performance and Q&A. The Host option will be subject to school policy and government guidelines regarding COVID 19.

To get in touch about us coming to you please email with details of your location. We can work in most spaces and require a simple set up to make brilliant theatre! 

If you have any questions at all regarding the host system or would like to book a single school visit please use the contact button. For our full COVID 19 tour procedure please download the information below;

Quirky Bird Theatre Tour Information

DNA Technical Requirements

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