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Workshops for Schools

DNA by Dennis Kelly 4 hour

This dynamic session will enable students to develop their understanding of this popular KS3 and GCSE text. Led by Director Anna Friend, whose production of DNA has received outstanding feedback from schools since 2018, students will take part in practical exploration of the text, discussion and performance presentation.

Over the four hours we will explore;

  • Characters from the text - who are they, how to perform them and look at key sections.

  • Directing choices  - using the ensemble sections we will discuss and explore how to navigate stage space and illustrate the changing dynamics within the text.

  • Design elements - students will have the opportunity to experiment with our staging elements and discuss their decision making in relation to the action.

That Face by Polly Stenham 5 hour

This popular workshop is aimed at A Level students and takes a deep dive into the context, interpretation and performing of this complex text. Anna Friend both directed and performed in That Face between 2017 and 2019 and has helped countless students develop a greater understanding and achieve better written exam results having taken part in this session.

Session includes;

  • In depth Q&A

  • Masterclass exploration of Scene 2 from Mia's entrance

  • Discussion of design elements

  • Paired exploration of scene extracts, focussing on the creative justification

  • Masterclass exploration of Scene 8 from Hugh's entrance

*an actor to present extracts from the play as Martha and Henry can be booked at an additional cost of £200

Introduction to Shakespeare 2 hour £250 4 hour £450

A fun filled bard-tastic session ideal for primaries and KS3!


Quirky Bird Theatre has built a strong reputation for their creative and innovative adaptations of Shakespeare's classic plays, from the ridiculous shenanigans of A Midsummers Nights Dream to the dark and broody Hamlet, Anna Friend makes the text accessible and teases performances from all age groups.

Session includes;

  • Energising and fun warm up session

  • An exploration of Shakespeare's language

  • Practical fun with short extracts for each group

  • Presentation of work in a supportive and structured environment

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