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School Tours 2022-2023

Excited to announce our tour dates for Autumn 2022 and 2023;

DNA by Dennis Kelly £950 per performance

Our hugely successful production is now in it's last year - book now to avoid missing out!

October 2022 3rd - 7th         South East, South West, London

October 2022 10th - 14th     Central, North West, North East

November 2022 14th - 15th     The Alma Tavern Theatre, Bristol

November 2022 16th - 19th     London Locations

November 2022 28th - 2nd Dec  South East, South West, London

December 2022 5th -  9th            Central, North West, North East

Blood, Sweat & Tears  - Shakespeare Double Bill 

A brand new addition to our touring programme! A dynamic duo covering classic

comedy and tragic from the bard. We start with a fun filled 45 minutes take on A Midsummer Nights Dream following by the dark and intense Macbeth. Both versions use original language but adapted to appeal to young audiences, helping them to access and understand Shakespeare. Previously these versions have won numerous awards at local and national festivals and been hailed as 'full of creativity and invention'

January 2023  16th - 20th    South East, South West, London

January 2023 23rd - 27th   Central, North West, North East

March 2023 13th - 17th         South East, South West, London

March 2023 20th - 24th      Central, North West, North East

The IT by Vivienne Franzmann £950

We are delighted to be able to bring this incredibly intricate and dynamic text to schools next year. A new addition to the Eduqas syllabus but fantastic for all audiences. Fierce, physical and hugely relevant for school audiences;

A teenage girl has something growing inside her. She doesn't know what it is, but she knows it's not a baby. It expands. It has claws. Eventually it takes over the entirety of her body.

No one must know about it. She has to keep its presence, its possession of her, concealed. She pulls away from her friends. She refuses to speak, in case 'The IT' is heard. But she can't contain it forever. Sooner or later something's got to give...

Presented in the style of a direct-address documentary, Vivienne Franzmann's The IT is a darkly comic state-of-the-nation play exploring adolescent mental health and the rage within.

April 2023 24th - 28th   South East, South West, London

May 2023 1st - 5th         Central, North West, North East

Click here for full information and DNA downloads

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