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Scratching the Surface

So here we are, the year that see's the emergence of 'That Face' our latest production in all it's glory. First to Bristol, then to compete at the AETF, Swindon Arts Centre then the mighty Edinburgh Fringe.

Amazingly, in just eight rehearsals we have managed to find our way through two thirds of the play, it's a rollercoaster and really lends itself to an intense process and as well as getting through the dialogue the cast have immersed itself in a great journey of discovery. We all feel like we are just at the beginning and in many we are! AND YET we open in just 4 weeks....aaarrrgggghhhhh.

I absolutely love this play. Despite being Stenham's first play it is so well crafted, the nuance for each characters dialogue with so much complexicity. Of course there are also naivete within the writing but this can be forgiven because there is so much that is fabulous and what I love more than anything is just how I feel like we are just scratching the surface and yet there is already so much of value happening on stage. Can't wait to see where this on goes.....

To book tickets to see That Face at The Alma Tavern Theatre

14th-18th February

book online,/quirkybirdtheatre


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