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Experimenting and Exploring

So we are over half way and getting into the final pages of the text. This part is difficult and needs a great deal of care and attention. There is so much in the news at the moment about the mental well being of young people and with the announcement today of a terrifying statistic of 1 in 4 young people self harming this piece now seems more relevant than ever. It also means we need to tread carefully and make sure that we leave the audience with clarity and also hope. Having discussed this at length, we are clear that we do not want to end without resolution but this this ending must be reflective of all the possibilities. Tricky, but with four talented young actors on board we continue to explore our ideas and refine them into a piece that will hopefully serve as a starting point for discussion for some, a continuation for others and an enlightenment for those who maybe didn't realise just how difficult life can feel as a young woman.

Now, I can hand over to one of our actors, Ellie Jeffrey, to give her voice to this journey...

"Today we left the completed first half of the play and began to explore the second half, starting with choreographing some uniform movement. We experimented with different variations of a physical representation of the growth of our character Alice, exploring transitions and physicality. In continuation from our discussion about the play's resolution, we thought about the possibility of multiple endings, in order to avoid conforming to a singular linear structure, which could have a negative effect, distracting from the true heart of the play. I'm looking forward to seeing where else this play takes us in the next few days before our performance"

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