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Fringe Virgin Part Deux: The Teenage Years

So, here I am again, not so much a Fringe Virgin but a worldly-wise, weather beaten, ready for anything Fringe Pro - or am I??

This time I am accompanied by a new breed of actors, springing from the torment and adult trauma of That Face by Polly Stenham in 2017 to the youthful joy of Shakespeare's A Midsummer Nights Dream. Youthful you say?? OK, so not me, I know, although I am doing my best adorned with space buns and ridiculous festival outfit but it is the company that is really fulfilling the YOOFF category in this occasion.

It's funny because, I consider myself to be a little bit 'down with the kids' as my husband likes to mockingly remind me and I felt that over the past year I have spend a considerable amount of time with these people.

I felt prepared.


First there was the shopping list etc...trying to feed 6 teenagers who preferances were on the whole beige has been a little challenging although with Jamie Oliver like zeal I have added 'Make Them Eat Real Food' to my To Do List, particularly for one, who for the sake of anonimity we shall call Steve. One said he would eat anything, but only if it came in a falafel style and shape. We shall call him Dave. Falafel Dave. And the rest just went to Nandos. Class.

And so the challenges continue.....who knows what tomorrow will bring. Will they learn to love flyering?? Hmmmm. Will they stop talking about epically bad yet strangely enticing film series Sharknado?? I mean there's 6 of them apparently and they only watched 2 so far.....

JESUS!! Why I am talking about Sharknado....

So bad that Kelly Osborne had a cameo...JESUS!! Why I am still talking about Sharknado?????

One thing is for certain though is that tomorrow they will deliver ANOTHER FABULOUS PERFORMANCE!! And make me laugh out loud many many times with all their brilliant insights, hilarious thoughts on life and generally amazing energy, even the one who is always on the verge of sleeping. We'll call her Beryl. Beryl the Peril.

They are an awesome bunch and I wouldn't change a thing. Apart from their eating habits.

Come and catch them tomorrow at Greenside Infirmary Street at 11.30am in Mint Studio, each day until Saturday 17th Aug.


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