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Rewrites, Rehearsal and Radio

So, end of Day Two and the cast have been fantastic. Here's one of them to tell you about it......over to Hannah Greig!

"We had an amazing start to our day with a run of all the blocking we did on day one; in which there was clear progress on learning the lines that we were given yesterday. Afterwards we continued to block more scenes that included lots of choral speaking and relevant topics about the pressure that is put on young women to succeed at school and in society. We also modernized some lines as we went to give a current spring into Anna Furse's "Gorgeous". We also decided to rewrite the end to include a subject that we thought is an issue in lots of lives, self harm. At the end of the day we went to BBC Bristol and were live on the radio with Martin Evans to speak about our progress in rehearsals and what it's like having to short amount of time to prepare a play I am excited to see what tomorrow brings at rehearsals with the rest of the incredible cast."

Come along to the Alma Tavern Theatre on Saturday 1st September at 7.30pm to see the final performance. Tickets £7.50. Book online at or call 0117 973 5171.

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