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Day One - Discussion, Development & Drawing

It's been a fascinating start to our week long project, with four talented and engaging young women on board to begin the development of our chosen text 'Gorgeous' by Anna Furse. Over the course of the week we will be delving deep into the current situation for young women, how it feels to be living now in the world of social media, pressure to be brilliant and thin and successful.

In fact that was our first task today, to talk and for me it gave me an amazing insight into how young women feel now amongst all this noise and imagery #metoo #genderequality #equalitymatters #pressure #bodyshaming and it seem that they had a great deal to say about it. Some of this might end up in the show as we continue to develop our ideas towards a final performance on Saturday.

We then got to work and not only starting looking at the structure of the piece but also on creating the set....with chalk....and imagination....

All in all, a great deal achieved in this first exciting day, including a wonderful opportunity to talk with the author herself and discuss our own ideas for the text as well as gaining her own insight into the original version and how ours might be a development of this..

Who knows what Day Two will bring....

Catch our final performance on Saturday 1st September at The Alma Tavern Theatre in Bristol. Go to to book or call 0117 973 5171.

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