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New Cast, New Discoveries

So as we approach a new academic year, both school tours are getting a fresh cast and some new development time.

It's always super exciting to see what new actors will bring to the text and today was our first opportunity to get to grips with the epic final scene from That Face by Polly Stenham which hits the road from October with some fantastic new actors in role as Henry and Mia.

Going back into the rehearsal room always reminds me how complex and logistically challenging this scene is, as it twists and turns towards it's climax and working through this with Oli Meredith, Peter Lineham and Ellie Jeffery today was a joy, like going explaining a story that I know so well, that is, by now, so deeply ingrained into my brain and my body that it's second nature BUT it is also refreshing to hear their ideas and interpretations for each character and this brings new energy and rhythm to the piece.

It is also a new challenge to start the journey with new actors in the role of Henry as the stage work between them and Martha requires such intimacy and connection. But again, when you begin the journey you see the possibilites that will arise from these onstage relationships and that it brings invigoration to my own work and stops me from being complacent.

Nothing worse than seeing an actor going through the motions and with all this new energy and interactions, this will never happen. That Face continutes to evolve and develop and I cannot wait to take this new crew to schools and colleges across the UK.

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