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The Good, The Bland and the Ugly Truth/Fringe Virgin


This news comes tinged with both sadness and relief. Sadness because it is always lovely to watch this cast perform and see audiences respond to our work AND we’ve met some great people here but relief because I get to go home and see my family. On telling other performers that we leave today there is a hint of jealousy in their tone…or is that my imagination??

So, come a little closer….

I’ll let you into a secret – my fringe experience has been both brilliant and shite. There I said it. At times I wanted to run for hills – I mean not literally because my feet hurt so much (see blog 4) but really just get the fuck out of here and go home.


I guess because despite the fact that the streets are absolutely filled with people and each day you are seeing new things, meeting new people, it is possible to be lonely even when you are surrounded by others.

I’ve also begun craving a little bit of entertainment dross. One night I downloaded Pretty Woman. PRETTY WOMAN???!!!!! Quite apart from the fact that Richard Gere is clearly too short to date Julia Roberts AND the fact that it is quite possible the worst film ending EVER??? I mean “she rescues him right back (weird kissy face)” WHAT?????!!!!

But why?? Why have I sought out the bland in this rich and colourful experience? Is it the sight of giant penises, juxtaposed with Japanese kendo dancers all with the background noise of an Acapella group with their rendition of Justin Timberlake’s ‘Cry Me a River’? Am I the only one?

I think not.

A few fringe performers that are also friends have confided in me that they NOT HAVING A GOOD TIME. Struggling even.

To survive the Fringe is hard. Why? Because most of the time you are giving. Giving energy and time to promotion, performing, meeting, conversation and a lot of time you are not receiving those things. If you are lucky you’ll receive money and maybe find some kindred creative souls amongst the crowd that you can bond with, work with (or just follow on Twitter). You might also find inspiration from fellow theatre-makers to keep going and keep creating.

I’ve been asked a few times whether I would come again to Fringe and the answer is this: For all the moments of difficulty it’s chucked at me and my company I have loved so much of this crazy experience: From being so late on our get out that the whole of Greenside tech team turned up to help us out to being so slick that we nail it in 2 ½ minutes. And watching my wonderful cast grow into this space and this new piece, always working, always developing. These young adults that arrived 9 days ago and felt vulnerable and anxious in this new and fast paced environment now stroll about the city from venue to venue critiquing theatre like an old-style reviewer.

So YES, I will be back, a Fringe Virgin no more. But next time I’ll know what’s coming and I’ll be ready……

We have tickets at the HALF PRICE HUT for our final show today so come along to Greenside @ Infirmary St today for 1/50pm and see this fab show.

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