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What a banger of a play!

We are almost there, under a month until our first performance! The atmosphere in rehearsals is semi relaxed! Which is nice because being in year 11 means my GCSE’s are coming up which of course is really stressful. Of course, drama for me is enjoyable but when a show is round the corner and you are juggling learning lines, historical dates, parts of the body and algebraic sequences it can get a bit much! However, I do like to keep busy!

The play itself is amazing, I hadn't heard of Polly Stenham before I auditioned for Tusk Tusk (Anna’s last award winning play, wink wink!) but she is such an amazing writer, all her plays are so complicated and well put together, every time I read the script I find something new that I hadn't noticed, especially in the last scene as there is so much complexity for it I find myself disliking but also feeling sympathetic towards every character.

I can say up until now I've enjoyed every minute however that might not be the case when its show day and I am stressing to the maximum! But like I said I enjoy being busy and love the adrenaline right before you go on stage and I'm sure this will be no exception, there's something about being on stage and really living and feeling all the emotions of a character that I find so rewarding. I am so lucky to be working alongside so many talented people and I can tell we going to put on an absolute banger of a performance, not something you're going to want to miss!

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