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The Beauty of Truth

As a director I'm often plagued by the misconception that my job is spent ordering people around on stage, providing them with their 'motivation' and giving them places to stand. I'm certain that in some instances this does happen and that maybe at times this is highly appropriate for a director but on the whole if I was describe what I do and what is at the heart of my job it is this: to create an environment where the actors feel enabled to create truth and beauty.

Now, I don't mean beauty, physical beauty although often this is the case, I just mean the beauty of watching something real, maybe something terrible and painful unfold before your eyes and the casts ability to let this happen, to spill out of them - this is the beauty of stagecraft.

This play is so full of truth, ugly truth, about family lies, dysfunction and misshapen relationships, rejection. It's complex and clear simultaneously and never is this more true that in the final scene which we completed last night.

Still we have some time to develop this and it will get richer as we go but what I watched last night had the rawness of truth behind it which made my heart ache and sing.

To catch this extraordinary production at The Alma Tavern Theatre, Bristol go to

Opens 14th February -18th February

Performances 7.30pm

Matinee 2.30pm Saturday Only.

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