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Playing Martha

I have been privileged to play some amazing roles in my acting career to date, but I have to say that playing Martha in That Face has to be the most fascinating, and challenging one yet!

What an incredibly complex and wonderful character she is, changing on a moment by moment basis, pushing things to the limit, drawing people in and shoving them away. She is sometimes to be pitied, sometimes admired; she makes me angry, sad, confused, frustrated, and yet like a moth to the flame I am drawn to her.

Trying to get under her skin is like trying to pin a wave to the shore, but try I will!!

I am loving the rehearsal process for this intriguing piece, getting to know the director, the other actors, and the characters, So looking forward to taking this show far and wide, and hopefully leaving audiences with something to think and talk about long after the curtain has gone down

That Face opens at The Alma Tavern Theatre on February 14th and runs till Saturday 18th Feb. There is a matinee on Saturday 18th at 2.30pm. All other performances will be at 7.30pm.

To book tickets visit

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