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Never Say Never

I've produced and directed Theatre but thought I'd retired from stage acting, playing onscreen only & producing.

Then I saw Quirky Bird's Tusk Tusk wow! I've seen lots of great Theatre but this awakened a longing to work in a cast again to be on that stage.

So when I heard they were doing another Polly Stenham - That Face and there was a Dad role I thought yes! Then there was the casting, tables turned, uncomfortable, personal but I got it.

I didn't bank on him being quite so removed from me. How do you approach a character you don't like! (Yet isn't the cool anti-hero).

Watching the cast work and trusting the Directors subtle hand to guide me to my own conclusions helped.

I put me in him the good father, believe what your doing is right (however misguided/selfish) then follow the script and your co cast. I've found my Hugh hiding behind his public school mask.

It's a tough play, substance abuse, mental breakdown and young carers, can Hugh save the day or is he the problem?

I can't wait for you to meet him.

The Alma Tavern theatre 14-18 February.

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