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Fringe Fever, It's a thing/Fringe Virgin

Well bugger me. Day one preview over and so far, we are feeling the #edfringe stress effect full on.

Between our show running over by a full 10 minutes AND our set having to be negotiated into a space resembling a complicated Tetris set up, yesterday was a bit of a crazy wake up call to all the obstacles Fringe can throw at you but FEAR NOT!

We returned, we consumed a variety of cakes and alcohol, we chopped the script (once again) and rehearsed, discussed different exciting ways to get in and get out and BOOM!! Today we are back in the game.

Fortunately for us, the show was still superb yesterday, despite the ticking of the clock but the acting didn’t falter so. We also received our first Fringe Review “thank you Quirky Bird Theatre - we cried” – short but sweet!!

Today we have a HALF PRICE DEAL for That Face by Polly Stenham, 1.50pm, Greenside @Infirmary St

USE CODE FACEOFF to get a bargainous £2.50 ticket. Crazy Good DEAL.


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