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The EDFRINGE Levels of Tension/Fringe Virgin


Ah, the sweet smell of success. No sooner had I uttered the phrase ‘where are the hoards of shiny people wanting to see our play’ than the HOARDS ARRIVED!!!!

So, over the course of 24 hours we have been through the levels of tension in Fringe life…

Stage 1 - panic - Will anyone come?

Stage 2 - relief – we have more than one person sitting in our audience!

Stage 3 – insecurity – what did they think – will they say nice things???

Stage 4 – panic again – DOES ANY OF THIS FLYERING WORK????????!!!!!

Stage 5 – super shock – we sold out on day 3 AND Fringe Guru, Richard Stamp is sitting and watching us!!!!!

Stage 6 – insecurity – what did he think what did he think what did he think…………………………..

Yesterday I asked one of my cast whether they were having a good time. She said she didn’t know. This seems fair. It’s a wonderfully odd experience. On one hand it is undoubtedly the most faffy way to present a show, on the other, the most exhilarating!!

These are wonderfully strange times people.

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