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The complexity of Henry

Hello Henry... Hello First Blog! For the past three months i have been discovering and enriching my knowledge of the character of Henry. From the first time i read Stenham's play i couldn't help but feel utterly sorry for this character. At first i think when you learn lines from a play or have that first initial read through and especially in this case, you really get a grounding of where these characters sit with each other just by the context of the writing, but for the past few weeks since we've been taking the words of the page and putting them into a physical scene, I've realised how incredibly complex Henry's character is. An example is there is one, short particular line in scene 2 and in rehearsals we had a discussion because during this line he has about 7 different emotional responses just because of the heightened state of both his mentality and the outcome of the situation. Rehearsal are going brilliantly, we really are getting the time to pick and determine why our characters are responding in specific ways and experimenting with those thoughts and ideas. This week is the final scene to be blocking, we brought in the character of Hugh (Henry's) dad last week, played by the wonderful Doug Kirby, big scene, lets see what happens...

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