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High Heels & High Hopes

When working with a new kind of character specifically a challenging one it makes things so much easier when you’re surrounded with a supportive and fun cast, that’s exactly what I have within this ‘That Face family.’ From the moment, I got cast as Izzy I knew she would throw up challenges, I have never played a part like her before and with her being so far removed from myself I have had to find a completely new way of embodying her. Thinking about physicality and costume has been a huge starting point in my characterisation of Izzy…I bring huge heels to every rehearsal to help. After playing Maggie from ‘Tusk Tusk’ last year who was hugely emotionally complex and had so many different layers it’s almost proving hard to not over complicate Izzy who is ultimately very superficial. What has amazed me about this rehearsal process is returning to see what the rest of the cast have achieved and feeling like I’m walking up to a family, they are all so amazing and invested in their roles meaning the relationships they’ve developed and nurtured are incredible to observe. I am so excited to take this play to Bristol in 2 weeks and then up to the Edinburgh Fringe, how lucky are we! We’re going to rock it!

Tickets are now on sale for The Alma Tavern Theatre 14th to 18th Feb.

Book now at

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