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To Pee or not to Pee..


So this week we have been in total crack down on bringing everything together, all costume, media make up, props and set but one technical aid remains problematic. A weeing device maybe? What?! This sounds wrong? Well no, for those who know the play will know a particular moment happens in Henry's most desperate state within the play. Giving the illusion on stage is harder than you think as both myself and Anna was very conscious that we didn't want the weeing to look fake by me 'having my hands behind my back or doing something to trigger a device of some kind. After trying several ways, we feel that creatively it may detract from the actual emotional intentions with in that moment, stopping the integrity that the story deserves - therefore weeing will not happen in this early stage of the tour...well unless one of you special people out there can think of a genius plan - then we are all ears... Aside from this rehearsals are coming to end now and the 3000 notes from runs will let be rolling in! Super excited, let's get this incredible heart breaking story on Stage!!

That Face opens on Tuesday 14th February and runs till Saturday 18th.

Performances at 7.30pm

Saturday Matinee at 2.30pm

Tickets £11/£9

available from

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