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The Backpack of a Fringe Virgin

OK, we’ve cracked it. The get in and get out are running like a gazelle at feeding time and the show is sublime, beautiful times.

BUT STILL – where are the hoards of shiny new audience members begging to see our play?? Curious…

Ok, so we haven’t ‘cracked the fringe’, not yet but that’s no surprise!! What we have discovered is a number of useful and interesting tips when bringing a show to Fringe;

Firstly, you can put all dreams aside of looking vaguely together or nice throughout the run as you need to carry SO MUCH FUCKING STUFF….

Starting with an umbrella - you also need a shit ton of water because this place is beautifully hilly, thus meaning that even the shortest walk from venue to venue you will complete your step count for the week and raise your heartrate to an unacceptable level. THEREFORE YOU MUST HYDRATE.

Layers – stripping and relayering is an artform at the Fringe, maybe it should appear in the programme?? As unstable as the current government, this weather is challenging my wardrobe choices minute-by-minute. GRRRRRR.

Miscellaneous – in my backpack I currently have an adjustable spanner, nuts, headphones, chargers, lip balm, spare socks (this relates to the first day) and a tiny paper map of the city which is more of a hinderance than a help and it’s in a BACKPACK – who have a become?? Dora the frikkin explorer??


This is still the most fantastic time. Saw three shows yesterday, two of which were fabulous;

Check out Borders by Henry Naylor @ Gilded Balloon Teviot and Cognitions at Greenside @Infirmary St.

Today I’ll be experimenting with new and unique flyering methods to promote our HALF PRICE DEAL, using code FACEOFF including the run-and-jump, the statue and the stand and shout (all these have been tested on me over the past few days). Maybe a stunt would work…..

Come see our award winning production of That Face by Polly Stenham at Mint Studio each day till 11th Aug at 1.50pm. Greenside @Infirmary St.

It’s crazy good and we will love you for it x

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