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These boots are made for walking/Fringe Virgin

Ok, my feet hurt. Don’t get me wrong I’m not complaining. The fact that I forgot most important things today and so by the time I reached our flyering post this morning I had completed my step count FOR THE DAY is good. IT’S ALL GOOD.

But they hurt, not in a specific way, blister style but just in a kind of mutinous way like my feet are crying out to me. STOP. STOP NOW.

But I can’t because I’m at the Fringe which means I must leave one show at 3.55pm and arrive at another for 4.05pm and despite on the map it being just two roads I need to wind my way up and down several streets before realising I could have JUST GONE UP THE ROYAL MILE… humph.

Honestly, If I’m not a size zero by Friday I’m having a word with someone. Someone big. Like God. Or Lorraine Kelly.

But seeing this much theatre each day is just AMAZING. Today I watched a show about identical twins in the womb, obviously, where they hurtled around the stage, curiously winking at members of the audiences whilst attached with a red umbilical cord. Genius. Also the majestic Wardrobe ensemble with Education Education Education at Pleasance Dome. Simply brilliant. Of course there was also the not so great but this is also great – just lovely to cram so much life into one day.

So, in summary, it’s all good. Show went well, still tweaking to make it more Fringe-happy but fortunately I have a cast who are totally wedded to this text and can breathe with it easily. AND LOVING THE POWER OF THE LIGHTING BOARD – might just tech all my shows from now on….

On another note I’m still waiting for the review…taking me back to Stage 6 Level of Edfringe Tension

If you can catch Wombmates by Full Pelt Theatre at 4.05 each day @ Greenside Infirmary St - hilarious comedy featuring men in leotards with expandable penises (penii??)

AND Education Education Education at 5.20 Pleasance Dome from the Wardrobe Ensemble. Breathtakingly good, full standing ovation today. Marvellous.

And of course come and see That Face by Polly Stenham on till Friday 11th at 1.50pm Greenside Infirmary St. Mint Studio. Beautifully crafted play ‘moving and wonderful acting’.

Today’s deal is 50% with code FACEOFF at Greenside box office.

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