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Theatre Junkie/Fringe Virgin


I can’t breathe, blurred vision, heart rate soaring, tingling, pins and needles, head is racing..


I haven’t seen a show for over 40 minutes and I’m in full detox. I need it, I need the tiny venue, the LED lights, the new and unexpected theatrical experience – will it be an ensemble where they cleverly mix music with new age poetry?? Or maybe a duologue between two organisms not yet discovered by the human species?? Or funny…is it GOING TO BE FUNNY????!!!! Please be funny.

Honestly. I do feel a little bit like a chocoholic denied my sweet substance for over a year and now gorging on Dairy Milk, Crunchie, Aero and Fruit and Nut ALL AT ONCE. It’s true to so that due to work commitments I have seen very little theatre in the past 9 months, apart from my own, so it’s so refreshing to be inspired by others and see some truly wonderful theatre.

It’s also brilliant to meet so many new and established theatre makers, only at the Fringe do the mightly and the mini come together in such sweet parity. Saying that the emergence of the VIP bar is a new one on me. When I came at age 19 (loooooooonng time ago) it was everyone together, performers, punters squished in close quarters, but hey ho…progress.

But this is the beauty of Fringe. Only here could my tiny Wiltshire company up the stakes and perform to audiences full of people who could potentially transform the careers of the cast and the company. This is the dream, but even so, without any transformation abound, it’s still the most exhilarating and crazy time.

Fun times, challenging times, good times.

Cheers Fringe.

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